Vibration alert

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Diensten Amusement
Developer: Han Mingjie
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Vibration alert is a high sensitivity of the vibration tip app.

The app utilizes the built-in accelerometer Apple devices. Reach a ibration certain standard, the Apple device will issued sound and motion alert .

When you use this app, first stably placed on the desk, then start the program. When shake the desk, it will alarm sound Immediately .Press the Stop button to end this alert.

When Use the app, you must pay special attention to the following:
1. Device should be connected to the base to ensure the power supply. Vibration monitoring devices require more power consumption.

2. Do not lock screen, do not run other programs.

3. Stably placed on the desk, not on the soft quilt, not in your hand.

4. Turn maximum volume to easy hear the alarm sound.